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About Us

​Founded in March of 1980, by Sister Anatília de Souza Viana, Procriu receives and cares for children ages 7-12 who are at risk in the Bode community and Pina neighborhood, where the NGO has resided since 2003.


Currently, Procriu is run by 8 staff members and receives around 50 children daily, offering care, workshops, and encouragement for youth proactivity. During the period that the children are not at school, they remain in Procriu and benefit from daily activities offered by the project.


Sister Anatília, together with Sister Zena — the center's head pedagogue — lead this fight, which strives to create a better future for kids and their families in the Pina community. 

According to Sister Anatília, “peace is the fruit of love, fraternity, solidarity, justice, and dignity. Violence is the absence of all that.”

With few resources but an abundance of strength, dedication and determination, the sisters have maintained the project running in full energy and maximum potential. “We are at the service of life,” says Sister Anatília. Every day, Procriu works toward the fulfillment of that goal.

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